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Customized to Your Needs




Train the Trainer

Train the Virtual Trainer

Duration:    Half or Full Days

Schedule:    Days or Weekly  

Format:       Virtual, On/Off Site

Content:      Flexible & Modular

Follow Up:   To Support Success

High Level Overviews

Engage Virtual Teams                                                                                                                         

Review Virtual
Team Best Practices
Understand Generic Virtual Team Concepts
Explore Virtual Team
Building Activities
Create a Custom
Virtual Team Plan

Leverage Leadership                                                                                                                         

Assess your current
leadership practices
Review Leadership
Best Practices
Practice leadership
best practices
Create Your Leadership Skills Plan

Adapt to Change                                                                                                                         

Assess your
reactions to change
Understanding the
stages of change
Explore strategies for coping with change
Create a resiliency plan and embrace change

Practice Critical Thinking

Assess Your
Critical Thinking
Critical Thinking
Logical Fallacies
Critical Thinking

Manage The Mind

Understand Your
Thought Process
Practice Simple Mindfulness
Active Listening
Conflict Management

Chose a Problem Solving Model

Utilize two problem-solving models  
Problem Solving
Practice root cause analysis techniques 
Apply problem-solving models to your issue

Develop Creative Solutions                                                                                                                       

Use Action Learning
to develop
creative solutions
creative thinking
Assess your
Apply Action Learning
to an issue

Make Effective Decisions                                                                                                                        

Differentiate between decision making and problem solving
Understand your
current decision
making process
Use proven strategies
to analyze
potential solutions
Apply decision making techniques to
a real issue

Frequently Asked Questions

Invest in Success

1. How will these sessions help me?

You will leave with a practical toolkit and increased confidence to embrace challenges and leverage opportunities.

2. Who should attend?

Business and government directors, program managers, project managers, engineers, team leads and team members across all industries worldwide.

3. What are the options?

Duration:    Half or Full Days

Schedule:   Days  or Weekly  

Format:       Virtual or In house

Content:      Flexible & Modular

Follow Up:  Sessions are available

                      to help ensure success

4. How do we know we're learning?
There are pre and post self assessments

5. Do these sessions qualify for PDU's?

Yes Practical PM is a 3rd party vendor

6. What kinds of activities are included?

  • Pre and Post Assessments

  • Short Presentations

  • Class Discussions

  • Individual Reflection Activities  

  • Practical Team Exercises

  • Interactive Presentations

  • Action Planning for Use at Work


7. What will I learn how to do?
  Depending on the module and your effort,

   you have the opportunity to learn how to: 

  • Engage virtual teams more successfully

  • Leverage leadership skills more easily

  • Adapt to change more readily

  • Think more critically

  • Manage emotions more effectively

  • Solve problems more efficiently

  • Develop solutions more creatively

  • Make decisions more competently

  • Plan, Track and Control Projects

  • Identify &manage risks more proactively

  • Facilitate meetings more skillfully

  • Value differences more completely

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