Empower your employees with skills to succeed

Based on PMI best practices, courses introduce simple straight forward tools and techniques to help project managers effectively manage their work.  Project management is both an art and a science and these series of courses address each. 

The art of leading, enabling, motivating and communicating are essential skills which enable PMs to succeed.  Techniques to help you communicate effectively, resolve conflict as it arises and keep team morale high throughout the project are introduced and practiced.

The science of planning, monitoring and controlling work are equally important.  Best practice tools and techniques are introduced throughout all courses, always with an eye to meeting your specific needs.


On Site and Public Sessions

To meet your organization's specific needs
FREE customization for On site seminars

Opportunities for critical thinking, active participation and practical application are integrated into every session.  For reinforcement, an electronic file of best practices is emailed to all participants at the close of the course.

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