Coaching Services

As a coach I draw on over 25 years of mindfulness practice which allows me to create an atmosphere of trust and camaraderie by listening deeply.  

In all sessions, I encourage participants to gently look at their circumstances while striving to create sustainable, positive personal and organizational change. 

Helping professionals solve real business problems by combining soft skills with practical management best practices is one of my most rewarding endeavors.

Through conversation and a simple survey, we identify your issues and pinpoint specific opportunities for both short and long term gains. Together we create a plan using the GROWING coaching model complete with success criteria and next steps.

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What Clients Say

Heidi is great at her job. She gave me some very good suggestions on staff development and relationship management.

Heidi is incredibly insightful, gracious and guileless. What I really appreciated from her coaching was that she facilitated my own reflective process. I was able to come to realizations/pinpoint things in my own way, my own time, without having them prescribed to me.

Heidi is clear, helpful, and challenging yet supportiveShe really listens to me and makes me think.

Virtual Sessions
I enjoy coaching virtually as much as in person and am comfortable using Skype, Google Hangout, Webex and "virtually" any platform the client desires.