Would You Like To

Collaborate More Successfully
with Your Colleagues, Management and Staff

 -  Enhance Your Communication Skills
by understanding yourself so you can connect with others, build trust, foster respect, and move toward common goals
 -  Increase Your Efficiency
by implementing a  set of tools and techniques
which reduce confusion, rework and associated costs

 -  Embrace Continuous Improvement
by learning from issues and leveraging best practices

Why Sustainable Project Management

Sustainable project management emphasizes techniques that encourage people to collaborate in a healthy, productive manner by identifying and addressing root causes of conflict and stress.  You can then apply your skills to foster change in the wider world.

Why Practical PM

Practical PM ensures you gain valuable skills and best practices in engaging, hands on sessions. 

Drawing on over 25 years of project management experience, all sessions are modular and can be 
easily customized to meet your organizations specific needs.  

 Practical PM recognizes that positive relationships are the foundation for success.  Practical PM delivers soft skills training and coaching that clients can leverage both personally and professionally.

Incorporating your actual project work into the sessions ensures you leave with a thorough understanding of how to effectively apply project management tools and techniques to your own work.

Successful projects begin with educated project managers

Why Project Management

Project Management is used throughout organizations world wide to help ensure projects come in on time, within budget and according to customer specifications.  From
building bridges to writing software the basic concepts remain the same.

Project managers apply knowledge, tools and techniques to build
productive relationships with their stakeholders in order to successfully meet agreed upon client objectives.

When scaled to fit the organization, project management increases efficiency, enhances communication and helps organizations embrace continuous improvement.


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